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Possibilities OF Tomorrow

Introducing Possibilities of Tomorrow - By tackling challenges today with students, we're making success stories of tomorrow possible. Learn more by watching the video below:

Our Plan

Rochester children & families have unlimited potential, but they are losing ground. COVID-19 has made Education Success Foundation's work even more urgent.

Our team of educations, Navigators, and leaders are listening and responding - but learning gaps are widening and deepening.

Students' lives are not on hold. They cannot afford to wait for the support they need today - with your help they will not have to.

Our 5-year plan addresses learning loss caused by COVID-19, and expands whole-child education, whole-family wraparound supports, and college and career development. We will accomplish this by:

  • Raising $4 million by 2023 with help from donors like you
  • Receiving a powerful Sands Family Foundation matching grant of $6 million

Our Goals

Address Learning Loss Caused By COVID-19

Students are facing four years of learning loss due to COVID-19. This will affect our most vulnerable children the most and they will fall farther behind without immediate, impactful intervention. We will provide the resources necessary to ensure every student succeeds through these extra challenging times.

Increase Whole-Child Education and Whole-Family Wraparound Supports

We believe that education does not begin or end inside the classroom, and that academic success requires a holistic solution that addresses life outside the school system. This is why we will continue to invest in our student and family navigation programs while providing anything our families need to be successful.

Expand College and Career Development

Our EnCompass Future Ready program started three years ago when we realized our teens needed a space to prepare for their futures. We currently offer tutoring for SATs and writing skills, an employment academy that provides training and job opportunities, and college prep workshops and guidance. We want to expand the opportunities we offer to our teens so they can live up to their unlimited potential.

Every day is make-or-break in the lives of our community's vulnerable children. Your gift brings them one step closer to earning a high school diploma—one step closer to becoming an engineer, a first responder, a teacher, a surgeon or a civic leader. Please view Naming and Underwriting Opportunities and reach out to Rebecca Ferri with questions or inquiries.

Make An Immediate Impact

A total of 93¢ of every dollar raised goes directly to work helping students. Few charitable contributions have such a concentrated, local effect.

Get Magnified By Matching

Every dollar you give will be matched on a 1.5 to 1 basis thanks to a $6 million challenge grant from The Sands Family Supporting Foundation.

Reach Out Today

There are children and their families awaiting your reply, and we are answering the phone on their behalf. Call us with questions or to learn about giving levels and community naming opportunities: 585-563-2943

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