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Learning and support continues for students and families during school and program closures. Visit:

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    Our Mission

    EnCompass: Resources for Learning develops and provides innovative educational services to students and to the families, schools, communities, and professionals that support them. These services are matched to each student’s unique learning style in order to prevent academic failure and enhance lifelong learning.

    EnCompass reaches 1,900 students (pre-K through graduation) in Monroe, Livingston, and Ontario Counties with student-centered academic and surround support services. Academic programs we develop and provide are Afterschool, Summer, and Daytime Learning, and College and Career Development. Navigation, our groundbreaking holistic approach, layers supports for young children, families, and college and career-bound teens served in our academic programs.

    Certified educators and professional staff reach each student with individualized, evidence-based services that promote academic achievement and student success. Programming is infused by our values of Whole-Child Development, Professionalism, Student-Centered Learning, Informed Practices, and Commitment to All Learners.

    Why Choose EnCompass Programs?

    Intentionally embedded into each EnCompass service are programmatic elements proven to enhance learning and social-emotional development:

    • Individualized Learning Plans
    • Inquiry-Based & Project-Based Learning
    • Social-Emotional Learning & Enrichment
    • Targeted Tutoring
    • Certified Teachers / Professional Staff
    • Executive Function Support
    • Trauma-Informed Practice
    • Family Engagement

    Question? Contact Cara Fitzgerald for more information: [email protected]

    EnCompass Programs

    Elementary Model

    A Whole-Child Approach

    High School Model

    We Get Students On Track To Graduate

    Our Navigation Approach

    Holistic Layers of Support For Students and Families

    Explore A Partnership With Us

    We welcome the opportunity to partner with schools and organizations to meet their strategic priorities, such as attendance, violence prevention, and literacy. Collaborative Elementary, High School, and holistic solutions we develop and deliver can include:

    • Afterschool Learning Programs
    • Summer Learning Programs
    • School Day Intervention
    • Compressed Credit Recovery
    • Regents Prep
    • Family Navigation Supports
    • Future Ready College & Career-Readiness
    • Reinvesting In Youth Program
    • Capacity Building for Parents and Professionals

    To discuss partnership for academic or surround support services, please contact Cara Fitzgerald by email.

    Encompass: Resources For Learning
    Board of Directors

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    Laurie Enright, CPA


    Joseph M. Martino

    Board Secretary & Executive Director

    Alexander DelMonte

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